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There’s something very pure about a cartoon from a newspaper or magazine. The really best ones can make you laugh, or cry or heavens, even think.

I knew one person who was a quite famous cartoonist, J Edward Oliver, and I continue to maintain his site even though he had been gone from this Earth for more than 10 years. You won’t find his work here, so look for my JEO site:

I knew I wanted to keep his stuff from the 1970s, and I am glad I did. It was also a golden age for Punch magazine, So, if I saw a great cartoon, I clipped it and stuck it in one of those big scrap books. We are talking 40 years ago. They are old and yellow (aren’t we all), but still readable.

They still make me laugh. I wanted to share some, as a celebration of the skill and inventiveness of these wonderful artists.

Do I have a favourite? Yes, sorry, Ken Pyne, and especially his books.